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A Career That Makes A Difference

Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education is a non-profit educational environment overseen by a Board of Directors. At the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education we are proud to lay the foundation for the personal and professional development of our students.

NSCECE offers a two-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program that is founded in several decades of research and developmentally appropriate practice. Students enrolled in the program are introduced to various courses dealing with children, families and the ECE profession and will acquire the knowledge, practices and skills that will develop high self-esteem, independence, and beginnings of social responsibilities.

The focus of their studies will be designing, implementing and evaluating developmentally appropriate curriculum ideas in an effort to support the growth and development of children from infancy to age 12. The program includes 870 classroom hours and 600 practicum hours. Students requiring flexibility in their schedule may enroll in evening courses on a part-time basis.

Graduates find employment in a variety of settings, including: childcare centres, schools, private home daycares, nursery schools, developmental centres. Over 95% of NSCECE graduates find ECE employment following graduation.

The program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Financial Assistance is available.