At NSCECE we want to guarantee our students a top-quality educational experience, and we like to think we’ve been successful in that goal. But it has become increasingly difficult the past couple of years as class sizes have grown substantially with the level of interest in the college and the field of early childhood education. This makes it more difficult for instructors to give each student the individual attention they want, need, deserve, and have the right to expect. While this is the kind of problem we like to have, we as a college knew we needed to find a solution, and we’re happy to say we have! This Fall, we are very excited about plans to split our incoming first-year students into two groups. Students will be taking the same courses at the same time, but half will be with one instructor and the other half with another. This way we can accommodate the number of people interested in our diploma program while maintaining our standards of educational excellence. We look forward to guiding our new group of students through their educational endeavors.