Congratulations to all the NSCECE graduates of 2014! We’re proud of all of you for the hard work you’ve put in to reach this point, and wish you all the best as you begin your careers in early childhood education. We’d also like to give special mention to some of our graduates who excelled in certain areas of their studies. Congrats to the following award winners: graduation-2-1326285-m

Reem Al-Freeh earned the Practicum Award for the excellence she demonstrated in her work in field placements.

The Academic Award is given to the graduate with the highest grade point average. For the first time ever, this year we had a tie for that distinction, so the award was presented to both Aya Saito and Samantha Fraser.

Anna Cottingam received the Alumni Award, presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership and a spirit of community involvement.

The Point Pleasant Award is different each year because, as presenter Sue Willis points out, the students are different each year. Ling Zhang was presented with this year’s award because of the creative, unique approach she took to the work required of her over the last two years, both in the classroom and with the children while in her practicum placements.

Graduating students were asked to nominate a contact teacher they worked with in one of their practicum placements who they felt was a strong positive role model as an ECE. Marilyn Johnson was presented with the award, being handed out for the first time this year.

Chantal Trepanier was recognized for the work she’s done this year as the college’s first student ambassador. Chantal hes helped promote the college and its program at events both on- and off-site, and has demonstrated true school spirit in showing future students why they should consider NSCECE.