It can be tough to find good child care. If you’re looking for a place you can trust with the care of your children, the provincial government licenses child care facilities throughout Nova Scotia, and you can find a searchable database
of those centres on their website.

This site will also tell you how many (if any) violations of the regulations around child care each of these centres has. As this
article published in the Chronicle Herald
back in February of this year indicates, the most common violation is not having required child abuse registry or criminal record checks for all staff and other individuals who might have contact with the children. Violations can vary widely in cause and severity though, so parents are encouraged to seek detailed, specific information about what was at issue from the owner and/or operator of the individual facility.

It can be hard to leave your children in the care of others, and it’s important for you and for them that you feel good about the choice you make in selecting whose hands to leave them in. Doing some research beforehand and making an informed choice can help give you one less thing to worry about in your hectic schedule.