It is a board designed to help students in their research for jobs whether it is related to ECE or just part time jobs. The board is divided according to areas to make it easier to use.  It is also updated weekly.  The board contains a lot of resources and sites that might be helpful for all students such as ESL resources, potential jobs, and additional resources that students can use to search for information.  It is also an opportunity for employers to announce their job offers through the college.

Volunteer experience is beneficial for both new and experienced students and employees.
Volunteering offers the opportunity to experience new, possible avenues of employment and advancement, can shine light on those avenues less explored or previously unconsidered, and it also provides us with new knowledge and skills which we can document on a resume. Our volunteer postings offer members of the community with some great, potential locations available within the area, as well as contact information for each. New postings are added as locations seek volunteers and there are also websites provided to assist those seeking additional volunteer opportunities. If you are an employer seeking volunteers, contact the college and we will post your request. Scrap paper and pencil is provided at the board to jot down any information of interest.