We’re adding to the collection in the Resource Centre again!

By popular demand, we are very excited to now have a  Space Educator Kit (K 1030), so you and the children in your life can explore the outer reaches of the galaxy – and beyond!

We have also added to our collection of books. New to us is Ann Pelo’s The Goodness of Rain (375.7 PEL), which focuses on helping young children develop an ecological identity. We have also added titles which help adults assist children in understanding and dealing with their emotions. These include Taming the Dragon (371.4 WEB) and A Volcano in my Tummy (371.4 WHI).

For the children, we have acquired picture books focusing on understanding different cultures, highlighting the similarities between people who may not share the same background. These include Everybody Cooks Rice (JP DOO) and Everybody Bakes Bread (JP DOO-E).

We’re always getting new things in, so we hope to see you soon and often at the Resource Centre!