Come on in and check out the fun new items the Resource Centre has available to borrow!

Wooden Shape Mazes
FM 219
These wooden mazes allow children to track the ball around different shapes. Each has large handles so they’re easy to hold.

Magnetic Wooden Blocks2014-06-04 20.43.09 (640x427)
C 862
A set of wooden blocks with magnets embedded to make building fun and easy.



Treasure Chest Blocks2014-06-04 20.47.18 (640x351)
C 861
A treasure chest filled with blocks for young builders! The lid of the box has mirror on one side so you can get a different perspective on your creation.

Large Wooden Tessalating Blocks
M 598
A set of pieces made from birch plywood in 13 different shapes and 6 colours.

CM 21
A set of jingle jangle instruments for young musicians.

Wave Drum
SM 059
Watch tiny beads dance under the transparent drum head, creating ocean sounds, waterfalls, or rolls of thunder!