Stay tuned for NSCECE’s Spring workshop schedule, coming to you live by the end of the month. It promises as always a diverse mixture of professional development opportunities dealing with engaging topics, such as: Flirting with the Wild Side; Trauma and the Developing Brain; and Exploring Water With Young Children.

tulip-1437854-mKeep in mind that according to the Day Care Regulations, each person who holds a classification or school-age training approval must:

a) Complete at least 30 hours of professional development to enhance skills and knowledge specific to early childhood care and education in every 3-year period following the date their classification was issued; and

b) Provide proof of completion of the required hours of professional development.

April 2014 marks three years since classifications were first issued in Nova Scotia. Remember to check the issue date on your classification certificate to determine when proof of professional development is due. If you have any questions about the submission of professional development hours to maintain a classification, you can contact Trish Mertins at 424 3207 or email
[email protected]