At NSCECE we strive to offer a stimulating, inclusive learning environment that will prepare future ECEs for their careers. Below are some testimonials from past students who, we like to think, feel that for them we have achieved this goal.

Taking the ECE program at the College is one of the best decisions I’ve made. The teachers care so much about their students – they’re really more like mentors. I’ve learned more about children in the last 6 months than many learn in a life time. The material is fascinating and very practical.
— Katrina

Since enrolling into the Early Childhood Education Program my experience has been very fulfilling, both academically and personally. I have enjoyed small class sizes, and being able to make close relationships and memories with peers as well as the Faculty members. The Faculty here is outstanding and show a true commitment to students providing hands-on environment both in and out of the classroom. The practical portion of the course is an exceptional way to prepare you for your future career and endeavours. I am proud to be a part of a College with such high standings in education and developing students into professional educators.
— Jessica

I am really enjoying my experience here at Nova Scotia’s College of Early Childhood Education. Small classes with teachers who have years of experience in the childcare field make for a great learning environment. If we ever have questions or need guidance, both staff and other students are always willing to help. Classes are very hands-on so we don’t just learn what to teach, we learn how to teach it. Having practicum as a part of each week is great to help apply the things we learn in class to the real childcare world. It’s also interesting and fun learning about children developmentally and then being able to apply our new knowledge in a childcare setting. For anyone looking to pursue Early Childhood Education, this is a great program. You will learn more than you ever thought you could know about children.
— Dominique Jean

As a parent and student, I learned a lot from the Early Childhood Education Program. It is a great experience and journey for me. The teachers are helpful and I thank them for providing me the best knowledge of Child Development. In the beginning, I found it hard but as the time passed, I felt that it becomes a part of my life. I hope to implement my ECE knowledge in the field as teacher and at home as a parent.
— Samra Yunus

I about to Graduate from NSCECE and begin my new career as an Early Childhood Educator. As a mature student returning to school for my second career, NSCECE has prepared me for this exciting change in my life. The teachers and students here all respect each other and the way people learn different. I had an amazing 2 years, learned a lot and cannot wait to get out into the workforce to work with children. I would recommend anyone that is interested in becoming an ECE to come to Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education for their education.
— Jocelyne Lucas

I am from Korea and English is not my first language, so I thought studying at the college would be difficult but it was not. Since I have studied at Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education, it was very enjoyable to spend time with classmates and to learn about ECE because of the small classes and friendly atmosphere.
– Moon